Reasearch Reports


Thesis submitted by

Kurikkalkolly Ismail, Professor, Dept. of Arabic,

Sunniyya Arabic College, Chennamangallur, Mukkam, Kerala


Minor Research Program of the University Grants Commission on

“A comparative study on the Nationalist Feelings in the Poems of Maruf al Rusafi, the Famous Arabic Poet, and Vallathol Narayana Menon, the Great Malayalam Poet, which played an important role in Creating Patriotism and anti-Colonialist Attitude in the Minds of Indians”

The Indian poets played an important role in the freedom struggle. They gave the concepts and visions of freedom – freedom from foreigners, freedom from all kinds of slavery. The revolutionary freedom fighters gave shape and content to these concepts and visions. The freedom fighters kept the national struggle alive in many phases during the 19th and the 20th century, the poets and their poetic word kept the spirit and the flame of the national struggle alive.

There were hundreds of known and unknown poets who gave immortal words to freedom struggle. Most of them are dead and unknown, but their words live. In fact their verses have become part of the collective memory of the nation. Whenever the flag of Independent India flutters in celebration and triumph, thoughts would go to the poets of freedom in tribute, gratitude and pride. Vallathol Narayana Mennon was such a poet that our Nation especially Kerala cannot forget or neglect the living memory of that great popular poet who fought enthusiastically against British occupants.

Maruf al Rusafi of Iraq was also such a poet who fought for freedom of his country from British occupants. Rusafi represented the role of Vallathol in Kerala as both of them were social poets who were exact picture of people in their awakening and their ambitions to enjoy prosperity and freedom from all occupants. He was very popular poet of Iraq when he expressed feelings and ambitions of common man. He subjected every parts of life in his poetry. The social and political elements discussed in his poems were so wide and strong that those poems were an exact abstract of social and political life of then Iraq. Most of his verses were dedicated to national feelings and political aspirations. The theme of his poetry varies and reflected political and social events in his life-time. There were a lot of similarities between these two great poets who influenced the visions and aspirations of their society. So we tried to unearth these similarities of two poets to shed light on the great services of our ancestors who suffered a lot to make our Nation’s glory great. We made this study in Arabic.