Afzal - ul-ulama Preliminary B.A. Degree (Afzal - ul - ulama) Arabic
  Duration - 2 years
Eligibility: SSLC Pass
Duration- 3 Years
Eligibility: Pass in the preliminary

Preliminary 1 year  

  Part I  Paper I Prose, Grammar (Marks 80+20) (To be answered in Arabic)  
  Part II English Paper I Prose, Grammar & Composition (60 + 15)  
  Part III Div. I Paper l Classical Liter-ature: Quran & Hadith (Marks 60+15)  
  Div. 2 Paper I History of Islam & History of Arabic Literature (marks 60+15)  
  Div. 3 Paper l Islamic Jurisprudence (Marks 60+15)  

Preliminary II year

  Part I Paper II Prose and poetry (marks 80 +20)  
  Paper III Grammar, Morphology and composition (Marks 80+20)  
  Part II English Paper II Drama & Novel (60+15)  
  Part III Div. I Paper II Classical Literature (marks 60+15)  
  Div. 2 Paper II History of Islam & History of Arabic Literature (Marks 60+15)  
  Div. 3 Paper II Islamic Jurisprudence (marks 60+15)  

2. B.A (Afzal -ul-ulama) Degree (CCSS)
Semester - I

AOI                     Communication Skills in English
AUIAO2              Critical Reasoning writing and presentation
AUIAO7              Communication Skills in Arabic
AUIBO1              Studies in grammar
AUICO1              Classical Iiterature
AUICO2              Drama & Short Story
Semester - II
AO3                    Reading Iiterature in English
AU2AO4             Indian Constitution, Secularism & Sustainable environment
AU2AO8             Translatin and Communication
AU2AO2             Applied Grammar and Linguistics
AU2AO3             Classical literature II
AU2AO4             Hadith, literature
Semester - III
AO3                   Literature and Contemporary Issues
AU3AO9            Literature in Arabic
AU3BO3            Methodology of language Teaching
AU3BO4            History of Arabic Literature
AU3CO5            Thafseer Literature
AU3CO6            Science of prophet Tradition

Semster - IV
AO6                 History and Philosopy of Science
AU4A10           Culture and Civilsation
AU4BO5          Indian Writing in Arabic
AU4BO6          Media Arabic
AU4CO7          Philosophical Thought and Ilmul kalam
AU4CO8          Women Writing in Arabic
Semester - V
AU5BO6         Rhetoric and Prosody
AU5BO8         Principal of literary criticism
AU5BO9         Commercial Arabic
AU5B10          Human Rights and Arab culture
AU5DO1         Information Technology and informatics
Semster - VI
AU6BII           Modern Prose and Novel
AU6B12         Modern poetry
AU6B13         A Brief survery of Arab History
AU6B14         Fiqh Studies
AU6B15         Arabic for Tours & Travels
AU6B16         Project Dissertation / Preparing a report on any
                     contempary issued such as general election,
                     Natural calamity, Natural issues or global issues, in 25-30 pages

B.Com with Islamic Finance
Semster - 1
Courses Title
Common        BC1A01 The Four skills for communication
Common        BC1A02 Modern prose and Drama
Common        BC 1A07 Communication skills in the languages
                      other than English Core BC 1B01 Mangement concepts and Business ethics
Compl.           BC1C01 Managerial Economics
Semester - II
Common        BC2A03 Inspiring Expressions
Common        BC2A04 Readings on Society
Common        BC2A09 Literature in Malayalam / Hindi /other
                       Indian or World languages other than English
Core               BC2B02 Financial Accounting
Compl.           BC2C02 Marketing Managemen

4. M. A (Post Afzal - ul - ulama) Degree

 S.N   Code

 Course Component 

 Name of Course  Credit            Exam
 Internel   External 
  First Semester


 Core Course  Classical prose        4  25%  75%
  2  ARI CO2  Core Course  Clasical poetry  4  25%  75%
  3  ARI CO3  Core Course  Translation  Theory  4  25%  75%
  4  ARI CO4  Core Course  Islamic  Economic  4  25%  75%


  Second Semester
  5      AR2 CO5    Core Course    Advanced and Funtctinal  Arabic  4          25%       75%      
  6   AR2 CO6    Core Course     Literary Criticism  4  25%  75%
  7   AR2 CO7    Core Course      Moderm Poetry  4  25%  75%
  8  AR2 CO8    Core Course       The Science  of Jurisprudence  4  25%  75%


  Third Semester
  9    AR3 CO9   Core Course       Advanced and Funtctinal  Arabic  4          25%       75%      
 AR3 CO10 
  Core Course     Literary Criticism  4  25%  75%
   11   AR3 CO11   Core Course      Moderm Poetry  4  25%  75%
 12  AR3 EO1   Elective      The Science  of Jurisprudence  4  25%  75%


  Fourth Semester
 13    AR4 C12   Core Course    Novel  4          25%       75%      
 AR4 CO10 
  Core Course     Contemporary Arab  World  4  25%  75%
 15   AR4 CO13   Core Course      Indo Arab Literature  4  25%  75%
 16  AR4 EO5   Elective      Research Methodology  4  25%  75%


Besides these courses for M.A there will be one Dissertation / project during the entire course and a comprehensive Vivavoce at the end of the last semester. In all there shall be 14 core courses and two elective courses.